Today we have something very important to tell you, you are about to know one of the most difficult decisions we could take as a brand.

Surely you have seen that in recent months we have grown a lot, we have more and more presence in the videos of the best dancers of the scene (from Alba Sanchez to Andrea Cobos through Sara Panero, Judith Cordero Bersy Cortez, Noelia Otero, Raquel de Castro, Laura Lopez, Anita Santos, Yaiza Melero, Tatiana Bonaguro and her Tropical girls, Chiara Tofani …) and if you go out a lot you will be sick of seeing the Top Aura (our biggest SUPERVENTAS) touring the dance floors everywhere.

Personally I can’t be more THANKFUL and proud of the welcome you all give to everything I design, I still hallucinate every time you send us videos and I see you dancing with something made with my own hands ❤️.

All this we have done by adding quality to the products and putting a lot of love in the garments that with so much care we make for you. We have also improved the conditions by squeezing our margins to the maximum (FREE shipping from 100€, exchanges and returns for the money, the fastest pre and post sale service we can assume, sustainable packaging…).

We have grown a lot but we want much MORE FOR YOU, we want to move forward, increase the number of designs we offer, further improve shipments, bring you more services than we have now (with which you are going to freak out) and expand the workforce by creating quality jobs. In short: we want to reinvest to improve even more for you.

The most important thing in each purchase is the PROMISE that we assume to give you the highest possible quality in the treatment you receive and in the garments that you are so excited to receive.

You can imagine the effort it has taken us to get here, we work more hours than the day has and we sacrifice all our free time and energy in this, but after many weeks analyzing our numbers, squeezing our brains and looking for solutions even losing profits, the current situation of inflation and rising prices of absolutely EVERYTHING (electricity, utilities, packaging, and especially the fabrics, threads, cups and accessories we need to continue producing with the same quality) is suffocating us and we are forced to make an URGENT DECISION.

We want to continue by your side, producing as we do for MANY MORE YEARS. We refuse to move the production of garments from our workshop and much less to take it to other countries like so many other brands (China, Bangladesh, Pakistan…) or to worsen the conditions for you in any way, and to continue fulfilling these promises is only possible if we raise the prices

We like to be very transparent with you so we thought it was only fair to let you know and explain the situation very well.

How much are the prices going up? Between 15% and 20%, this will mean about 5-6€ in the cart of an average order. For you it may not mean a very big outlay, but for us it will mean the salvation of our way of doing things, the opportunity to continue on this path to be the best version of ourselves we can and go as far as possible.

The good news? You still have a few days to take advantage of the current prices, this will not happen until next Monday, August 22nd.

Until that day you have the opportunity to buy everything you have in the cart (it will be like buying with up to 20%) you can take advantage if you need outfit for a conference, social or video that you have soon because it is the last moment to buy them at the current price.

And if you are in a position to wait for the rise to buy them, we will thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We hope you understand us and can continue to join us on this path, we will continue to leave our skin so that you continue to be the most beautiful of the track with our garments.

We send you a GIANT hug and as always we will be happy to answer any questions you have and help you in any way we can.

Sincerely, Alma Latina Shop Team.